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What Makes Our Personal Injury Law Firm Different?

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Finding a personal injury attorney is not hard. Finding the personal injury attorney who is most likely to position your case for success is a bit more of a challenge. Here are some factors for you to consider as you are researching your law firm options.

We Boast An Impressive Track Record Of Success

At the Law Offices of Herren · Adams, we take pride in being trial-ready. Since 1990, our founding lawyers, Tom Herren and Chuck Adams, have tried and won scores of personal injury cases in courtrooms in Lexington and throughout Kentucky.

Why is this important? Because some lawyers advertise heavily to attract a large volume of cases, with little or no intention of taking any of them to trial. Some cases can and should be settled quickly. However, to maximize your financial recovery, most cases have to be developed, and the insurance company must know that the case will be tried if it offers less than fair compensation. Insurance companies know who the real trial lawyers are.

If you have a serious injury case, do not sell it short by choosing your attorney based on advertisements rather than their record of success.

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We Will Give Your Case The Time It Deserves

Make sure you understand which lawyer in the law firm will actually handle your case, and check that specific lawyer’s level of trial experience. With some law firms that advertise heavily, you may never meet the lawyer whose name you have seen or heard so often. In reality, your case may be handled by an inexperienced lawyer or, even worse, by a paralegal.

Case load is important. If your attorney has so many cases that they cannot take the depositions to prepare your case for trial or their calendar is too full to schedule the five days it may take to try your case, your case may get settled for much less than it is worth. It’s a telling sign when your attorney is too busy to personally return your phone calls for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

When you choose our law firm, your case will be handled personally by one of our experienced lawyers. 

Our Experience Is Unmatched In The Legal Field

Ask any prospective lawyer how many cases like yours they have tried and how many they have tried recently. If your case involves a drunk driver, ask how many drunk driving cases they’ve tried. If your case involves a brain injury or paralysis, ask specifically about brain injury trials or trials involving paralysis. If you were hurt by a tractor-trailer or another large truck, ask the lawyer for their experience in trying trucking cases.

Since resolving personal injury cases is our law firm’s sole focus, our attorneys handle cases like yours regularly. This is not new to us. You can be confident that we know what needs to be done to win your case.

We Have A Vast Pool Of Resources To Build Your Case

It’s important that your lawyers have the financial and investigative resources to handle a serious personal injury case. These cases can be complex, and certain things will need to be proven in order for the case to be a success. Your traffic accident case may require an accident reconstructionist or even a biomechanical engineer to show exactly what happened and who caused the wreck. Your traumatic head injury case may require psychiatric and diagnostic testing to demonstrate the extent of the injuries. Permanent injuries may require a vocational or economic expert to calculate and explain future earnings loss.

Not only do we know who the good experts are, but we are also prepared to spend what it takes to prove the case. We even have a nurse on staff to address many medical issues.

We Strive To Give You More (And Take Less)

We are dedicated to ensuring our services are affordable. As such, we offer free consultations so that money is not the reason you do not seek legal advice.

Like other personal injury law firms, we handle cases on a contingency basis. When you get compensation, we will receive a percentage. Every law firm asks for a similar percentage.

We strive to offer a competitive percentage because we want you to be happy with your compensation.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

A lawyer can be a valuable asset in any case involving injury. As our client, we will:

  • Assist you with the filing of No-fault/personal injury protection (PIP) forms and claims in motor vehicle accident cases
  • Assist you with property damage/vehicle damage claims in motor vehicle crash cases, as well as rental car issues
  • Assist you with health insurance claims, forms, and subrogation issues
  • Assist you with probate issues in wrongful death cases, as well as help with guardianship proceedings in cases involving minors
  • Help with other claims, filings and legal proceedings directly or indirectly related to your personal injury or wrongful death case
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