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Multimillion-Dollar Verdict After Filing Lawsuit Against Liquor Store

In 1991, Tom Herren and Chuck Adams obtained the first $1 million products liability jury verdict in Fayette Circuit Court history.

Since then, clients of Chuck Adams have received jury verdicts in excess of $2 million and $6 million in two automotive products liability cases. Tom Herren obtained a verdict in excess of $2 million in an alcohol liability case against a liquor store that sold beer and rum to minor boys, who, after consuming alcohol, drove a vehicle into Tom’s clients, killing a father and severely brain-injuring a 4-year-old boy.

Punitive Damages Awarded After Nursing Home Staff Breached Their Duty Of Care

A nursing home resident died following a medication error only two days after his admission to the facility. The jury found that the nurse practitioner who allegedly ordered the medication was at fault for incorrect and inappropriate dosing.

The jury found that the nursing home staff who administered the medication was at fault for failing to monitor the resident and intervene appropriately when the resident demonstrated profound low blood sugar after the incorrect medication dosing.

The jury also noted that there was a violation of the Resident’s Rights when the nursing staff failed to notify the family when the low blood sugar occurred. The jury found the conduct of the nurse practitioner and the nursing home staff was reckless and outrageous and awarded punitive damages.

A Jury Verdict Yielded Over $1 Million After Thoracic And Lumbar Vertebra Fractures And Injuries

There was a $1,015,314 verdict in Fayette Circuit Court. The plaintiff was doing work on a residential street. A resident backed out of her driveway and ran him over. He suffered a fracture and dislocated the thoracic and L1 vertebrae.

The primary defense was to blame the plaintiff’s employer for failing to properly mark the work zone. The jury rejected that defense. The verdict included $500,000 for pain and suffering.

Thomas Herren tried the case for the plaintiff. This is Mr. Herren’s third million-dollar jury verdict this year.

Nearly $2 Million Settlement After Officer-Involved Crash

There was a $1.99 million verdict in Garrard County. The plaintiffs, operators of a Mediterranean restaurant in Lexington, were involved in a multi-car crash with a police officer (the police officer was killed) and a third driver. It occurred on U.S. 27 near the Kentucky River.

The primary plaintiff suffered multiple fractures and took $1.565 million. His wife suffered a serious knee injury and was awarded $407,010.

The jury found the police officer (believing he was speeding) 70 percent at fault, the driver who pulled in front of the police car 29 percent at fault and the plaintiff just 1 percent at fault.

Thomas Herren tried it to a verdict on April 17th, 2017.

Jury Awards $1 Million To An Injured Loading Dock Worker

A jury awarded more than $1 million to a Lexington man whose hand was crushed in a conveyor belt while he was working at the Herald-Leader.

The jury determined that the manufacturer of the conveyor belt, IDAB Inc., was responsible.

Chuck Adams and Thomas Herren said that the conveyor belt should have had a guard that would have prevented DeRossette’s hand from being caught.

The Fayette Circuit Court jury awarded $600,000 for past and future physical, mental and emotional suffering and $450,000 for his impairment to earn money.

Herren said there was testimony that IDAB had knowledge of at least two other similar injuries on its conveyor belt at another newspaper within one year before DeRossette’s injury.

Lexington Liquor Store Held Liable For Fatal Crash

Owners of a now-closed Lexington liquor store where a clerk sold beer and rum to a Scott County teenager are partly to blame for a fatal traffic accident caused by another teenager who had become intoxicated on the liquor.

A Scott Circuit Court jury on Monday found the owners of the liquor store 30 percent liable for injuries to a young boy who was severely injured in the crash on Nov. 16, 1984.

On the third day of trial, the jury awarded the minor child $6,489,500. The jury, however, apportioned 70 percent of the fault to Neal, the teenager driving the car. It apportioned 30 percent of the fault to the partnership doing business as Newtown Spirits Shoppe. The 30 percent amounts to $1,946,850.

Lexington attorney Tom Herren represented the plaintiff.

Herren thought the jury’s verdict bore a message.

“This is an indication of the importance that our communities and society put on the responsible sale, distribution, and use of alcohol.”

Client Receives $1.7 Million In Eye Surgery Malpractice Case

Tonya Oliver has been unable to see anything but a blur out of her left eye for the past three years – ever since she had four LASIK operations within one year.

Oliver’s attorney, Thomas Herren, agreed.

This matter was later reversed on appeal and remanded for a new trial due to an error by the trial court and then resolved by agreement.

To view the Lawyers Weekly LASIK surgery article click here.

Ford Motor Company Ordered To Pay Over $20 Million After Fatal Crash

A Georgetown, Kentucky jury held that Ford Motor Company should pay in excess of $20 million for two deaths, the loss of an arm to another and lesser injuries to a fourth occupant of a Ford E-350 15-passenger van. The jury found that the van was defective and unreasonably dangerous due to its high propensity to roll over in common avoidance maneuvers.

Chuck Adams of Law Offices of Herren · Adams represented the parents and estate of a 16-year-old killed in a rollover accident just north of Lexington, Kentucky.

Chuck Adams’ clients received a jury verdict in excess of $6.75 million.

Two-And-A-Half Million Dollar Verdict Against Honda For Motorcycle Accident

After two appeals, the 6th Circuit (federal) Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ordered American Honda Motor Company to pay over $2.56 million as a result of brain and orthopedic injuries sustained by a 9-year-old boy on a Honda 50 motor scooter. Honda sold the tiny motorcycle with a recommendation in the owner’s manual and in Honda sales literature that the cycle was safe for users age 7 and above.

The case was originally thrown out by the federal trial court in Lexington, Kentucky. On the first appeal, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered that the case go to trial. At trial, the plaintiff offered uncontradicted evidence that children 7 to 10 years of age lacked the cognitive skill and developmental judgment to operate a motorized machine that travels in excess of 35 mph.

Following the multimillion-dollar jury verdict, Honda appealed again and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals held that the verdict must stand.

The plaintiff was represented by Chuck Adams of Law Offices of Herren · Adams.

Miscellaneous Other Verdicts And Settlements

  • $4.5 million – motor vehicle/products liability involving vehicle roof crush
  • $4 million – motorcycle – commercial tractor-trailer collision
  • $1.5 million – medical negligence jury verdict arising from misdiagnosis of appendicitis by ER physician and death of 17-year-old girl
  • $1.45 million – settlement for 45-year-old lady misdiagnosed cerebral bleed by ER
  • $1.45 million – settlement for death of 42-year-old man in small plane crash
  • $1.1 million – motor vehicle accident involving high school kids on spring break
  • $1 million – settlement bad faith insurance practices regarding homeowner’s insurance, false claim of arson, failure to cooperate
  • $1 million – medical negligence/OB failed to diagnose retained products of conception/uterine infection causing death of 29-year-old new mother
  • $800,000 – negligent police response to emergency
  • $750,000 – settlement/hospital negligence death of forty-eight-year-old lady from stint injury
  • $700,000 – jury verdict road construction contractor negligence
  • $650,000 – settlement for broadside collision head and neck injuries from city dump truck
  • $550,000 – settlement vs. driver and alcohol seller over-serving/alcohol liability
  • $550,000 – bar room altercation
  • $500,000 – forklift malfunction due to improper maintenance
  • $500,000 – medication error by physician
  • $500,000 – settlement for severe leg injury to bicyclist hit by police cruiser
  • $385,000 – motor vehicle/alcohol liability involving major restaurant chain for over- serving 21-year-old girl
  • $350,000 – medical settlement for LASIK damage from failure to screen contraindicated condition
  • $350,000 – settlement through multi-district litigation, heart damage from Ephedra
  • $275,000 – settlement for injuries to farmer from ATV product failure
  • $250,000 – for driver of vehicle hit by errant truck tire, crushing car roof onto her scalp and lacerating
  • $215,000 – settlement for ankle fracture arising from slip and fall injury
  • $205,000 – jury verdict against underinsurance carrier for back injury where underinsurance carrier offered nothing to settle
  • $200,000 – boating accident
  • Substantial settlement co-counseling carbon monoxide exposure brain and respiratory injuries


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