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Rear End Car Accidents

Seeking Full Compensation Following Rear-End Car Accidents

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A rear-impact accident happens when a faster-moving vehicle hits the back or “rear end” of a slower-moving vehicle. During this type of accident, the energy of the faster-moving vehicle is transferred to the vehicle that it strikes, leading to damage to both vehicles. The damage and injuries are directly related to the difference in speed between the two vehicles. The Lexington car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Herren · Adams have extensive experience representing those involved in rear-end vehicle accidents.

Usually during this type of accident, the vehicle that has been struck (often referred to as the target vehicle), is pushed forward. This forward movement can lead to an additional impact if the target vehicle strikes another object, such as a car, tree, or building. Many times, the target vehicle is pushed into the line of traffic and becomes susceptible to additional collisions caused by oncoming traffic.

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Assessing Injuries And Seeking Medical Care

In the rear-end collision, the bodies of the occupants in the target vehicle violently move backward toward the impact and then forward. The rapid back and forth motion often causes several spinal and brain injuries. The injuries that the driver and passengers sustain during a rear-end injury have a classic pattern. Specifically:

Caused by striking the dashboard or front seat during the collision. This is less common if all vehicle occupants are properly restrained.

Commonly referred to as “whiplash” occurs when the neck moves back and then forward quickly. Neck injuries can be severe if the headrest is absent or not in the proper position.

Are the result of the body striking the steering wheel or other components of the car if the seat belt is not in use or if the seat belt is not functioning properly. Injuries to the chest/abdomen can also occur with a properly restrained occupant, and can even result in rib fractures.

Depending on the amount of intrusion into the vehicle by the striking vehicle, other injuries may occur. Specifically, an occupant may receive injuries to the back, head, and extremities. These can be very serious injuries and lead to pain, swelling, and blood loss.

As with most motor vehicle collisions, it is important that the individuals involved receive prompt medical care. The shock and initial pain may lead the occupants to become unaware of all the injuries that have occurred. A full medical evaluation is a covered component provided by most car insurance coverage.

Hiring Seasoned Lawyers Is Crucial To Obtain Maximum Compensation

Herren and Adams have been practicing law in Kentucky for more than 35 years. Caring for clients involved in car accidents is a large part of our practice. We have vast experience dealing with insurance companies as we work to resolve car accident cases. Our practice is not limited to Fayette County. We have successfully resolved cases throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It has been our experience that individuals involved in car accidents need a strong attorney and advocate to answer questions, negotiate and fight for their rights.

If you or someone you love has been rear-ended, please give us a call at 859-254-0024 or send us a message to request an appointment. Our Lexington car accident attorneys would like to speak with you about your individual situation and create a strategy on how they will move forward to best represent you.


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